Tex Baby Bathtub

Practice, it is equipped with a support for the knob of shower and with a tablet to put some products.

- Supplied with bath seat and thermometer.

- Age: from birth to 24 months.

Rental price : 3€/day   18€/week 

Deposit : 20€                                                            

Folding Bathtub  Flexibath Stokke

With its unique foldable design, this bathtub is easy to store and convenient to use. Open it, fill it out and share the bath time with your child wherever you are. Adapted couch delivered with. 

Suitable for children from 0 to 9 months.

Rental price : 3€/day   18€/week   

Deposit : 20€                                                              

Bathing Deckchair Monsieur Bébé

Practice, designed for your baby's comfort and safety.

- 3-position recline

- Age: from birth to 8 months.

Rental price : 3€/day   18€/week 


Bathing Deckchair Thermobaby

Adjustable slide-stop follows the growth of the baby.

- Age: from birth to 8 months.

Rental Price : 2€/day   10€/week   


Aquababy Bath Ring

Its rounded shape maintains baby while leaving him free of his movements.
Settles easily thanks to its four suction cups.

- Age: from 7 to 16 months (8-13kg).

Rental price: 2€/day   10€/week



This safe hygiene anatomical potty is ideal for baby's transition from the nappy phase to toilet training.

Rental price : 2€/day   10€/week   


Seat Reducer wc

- Fits standard size toilet seats.
- Padded seat.
- Suitable for boys thanks to its deflector.


Rental price : 2€/day   10€/week     


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